Posted on Jan 16, 2014

Abby is turning ten on Saturday. Double digits. I’m not sure where the last ten years went, but they passed so quickly. I can’t believe that in another ten, she’ll be 20. She’s probably have a couple Olympic medals by then. Kidding.
I’m so proud of this kid. From being born at 4.5 pounds in 2004 to what she is now in 2014…I’m in awe. 2013 was rough – you can read about it here, but I’m excited to see what she accomplishes this year, and who she becomes in the next ten years.

Happy 10th Birthday!

(This is the video I did for her last year, with some additions to the end. The song, “Trouble” by Pink, still fits her perfectly. And we’re seeing Pink in concert tonight…how fitting!)

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