A little about Morphea

Posted on Apr 17, 2013

I’m just drained today. Was up last night worrying about my girl, and I need to share.

Abby has Morphea. It’s a really rare skin disease. We noticed a couple ‘spots’ on her back last summer. She got a biopsy last July and was diagnosed right away. At that time we were given some creams, and told just to hope it doesn’t spread.

It spread. It’s spreading. Took her to the Dermatologist yesterday because we found another spot. While there, under those lights, I realized how bad it had got. The initial 2 spots had grown. Got her home and found four more. Four more. Fortunately, they are all on her back and sides.

We are being referred to a┬áRheumatologist, who will probably want to put her on some crazy drugs…none of which have any real proof of working. I spent the better part of yesterday and last night researching Morphea, and it seems that it might just go away on it’s own, or is incurable. Okay then.

The poor girl was so upset last night, scared it will spread to her face. She said she’s not going to school if it ever spreads to her face. Ugh.

I know that this isn’t the worst thing in the world, and VERY grateful it’s mostly just a cometic issue at this point (it can affect tissue and muscles if it progresses), but there’s something very sad about realizing your kid isn’t perfect, and might have to deal with this her entire life.

But like her Dad said last night, “good thing she’s perfect on the front”.

So today, we are seeing a new Naturopath. Hoping we can slow it down with some natural remedies or diet changes.





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