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Panoramic Storyboards are one of my favourite products. It’s a great way to turn your photos into ART. This Christmas season, I am doing special prices on Panoramic Storyboards in either plaqued or canvas styles.

They come 10’x20′, and you can have 1-5 images on them, depending on orientation.

Canvas is printed from a professional lab (not Costco or Wal-Mart!) and is high quality UV-protected canvas It’s 3/4″ deep.
Plaques are bevelled-edged 3/8″ wood with the edges painted black or white.

2014 Christmas Storyboard Pricing
Canvas: $200 (regular $350)
Plaqued: $120 (regular $180)

These must be ordered by Dec 4th to arrive by Christmas.
You can use your own images too!









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‘Tis the Season!

Time for studio Christmas Mini-Sessions!

2014 xmas minis

How does this work?

Because  these sessions are scheduled back to back, they are done at a reduced rate, and a $50 deposit is required. You can pay that below.
Your gallery will be posted within a week after your session. You can decide what package you want after you see your images.
In addition to (or instead of) the packages, you can purchase anything else you want right from your secure, online gallery. Canvasses, books, prints, cards and files.
BUT – only digital files, photocards and prints 11×14 and smaller are guaranteed before Christmas. Only digital files are guaranteed for any order received after Dec 13, 2013.

What Should we Wear?

Christmas Pajamas! How fun would that be? How about scarves & mittens? How about your Christmas best? How about jeans and barefeet? It’s totally up to you! I do suggest staying away from logos, but other than that…I’m not picky! And remember, the more stressed you are, the more anxious the kids are. Keep it fun & casual.

Who Can Come?

Up to 5 family members are included in the mini price. This can include pets (please let me know beforehand…hubby’s allergic to cats – I’ll get rid of him!)
More than 5? Please contact me.

Why do Mini-Sessions?

I provide Mini’s at different times throughout the year, to provide everyone the opportunity to get professional portraits done. I provide shorter sessions, and schedule them back to back – to fit in as many families as I can. I usually offer deals as well, and at Christmas the focus is on getting at least one awesome shot to be sent out in your Christmas Cards.

I’d Like to Order Christmas Cards!

Christmas cards can be ordered from me in two different formats: PHOTOCARDS – which are flat, one sided cards printed on photo paper by my professional lab, or FOLDED CARDS – which are printed on Cardstock, with a blank inside for you to write in. For examples of some of my card designs available, see this post from a couple years ago. Custom cards can also be done if time permits. (It can take up to10 days for PhotoCards to be printed, longer for folded).

Pay the Deposit here:

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Kids Chores – Version 186

Posted By on Oct 27, 2014

I’ve tried many ways of getting the kids to do chores over the years. We used an app called iAllowance a couple years ago, but the app was confusing (could be better now). At the start of summer I tried a ‘chores as punishment’ approach, which never took off. And it wasn’t because my kids are perfect little angels, I assure you. I just didn’t want chores to be a punishment.

A few weeks ago, I started writing chores that needed to be done on post-it notes, with a monetary value on them. Any of the kids could do them, and I’d pay them for it. Well, it turns out my kids are motivated by cash. It was a race the first day, to see who could make the most cash. I paid them $22 total. Way cheaper than a house cleaner!

But, it looked like this:


So today I got crafty. I went to Michaels and bought a black magnetic dry erase board, some magnetic frames, some adhesive magnets, polka dot paper and some washi tape. All in, it cost me $61, after using the 50% off coupon for the board, which was regularly $45.

I divided the sections with Washi Tape. Way easier than paint or gluing paper. I love washi tape!

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

I used pictures of each kid instead of putting their names, because I think it looks nicer.

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

All the chores are on the bottom. When something needs doing, I move it to the “Chores To Do” side. When someone completes it, they move it under their picture until I pay them.

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto
Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto www.shannonhiltonblog.comThe chore tags were made with Michael’s paper and my Stampin’ Up! Punches. I stuck adhesive magnets on the back of them.


Actually no, this guy did that. Excuse the brown socks. He dresses himself. I promise I know better.


I made extras so I can fill them in when I need something different done. I keep them handy in a jar beside my desk.


Doesn’t that look better?!?!
Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

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Posted By on Sep 18, 2014

I’m finally getting around to Blogging this Wedding I did in August.

Thanks again to C & P for allowing me the privilege of photographing their very special day!2014-09-18_0001

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