Beautiful Belly, Beautiful Friends {Calgary Maternity Photographer}

Posted on Nov 25, 2011

Colleen and I met more than 10 years ago. She was my boss. We hit it off quickly and turned into great friends. Over the years, we have done many lunches, that turned into couple’s dinners when she met Matt. We’ve since been honored guests at their wedding (shot by the amazing Alan Maudie), which no other will compare…Banff Springs…um, hello! We’ve had many, MANY late nights laughing and playing games, and have even shared some tears together as well. They have seen us at our worst – beat down from baby #3, fragile and on the edge marital destruction (not to be dramatic or anything, LOL!), and helped us get through that period of our lives with honest and sincere advice.

We have the type of friendship that is built on total and complete admiration. I thought, and still think, that she is the most put together, self-made, successful woman I know. She is brilliant, funny and gorgeous, and for a lot of years I felt like she was completely out of my friend ‘league’. Every time we get together I am reminded of how honored that I am her friend. Oh and Matt’s too!

And now, she has a belly. And will soon have the most gorgeous baby, who will grow up with amazing parents. Parents who understand so much about how the world works.

I’m so excited to meet the little miss or mister, who will be here within a couple weeks!

 Calgary Maternity Photographer

Calgary Maternity Photographer
Calgary Maternity Photographer
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