Best Christmas Gift for your Kids

Posted on Dec 5, 2012

Want to know what I think is the best gift you can buy your kids for Christmas is?

Their domain. 

Sure, it doesn’t look pretty under the tree, and you can’t stick it in a Stocking – but one day, they will thank you. 

For less than $10 a year (at, you can snap up ‘your kid’s name’ .com or .ca, etc. 

I sincerely believe that kids growing up in this day and age will be at a disadvantage down the road if they do not have their own domain. They may need it to market themselves. It could be their online resume, they may want to start a blog, they may become a famous lawyer, athlete or actor and if someone else has their dot com, it could be an issue. It will become their online identity.
You never know when they might need it, and the Internet is valuable real estate. Once that domain is snatched up, it’s hard to get it from someone else. 

My son’s .com was already taken, but I did get him .ca. I’m not doing anything with the domains until we need to – so it only costs me less than $10 a year to hold on to them. 

If the domain name you want is already taken, you can usually find the name and email address of who owns it at   

Oh, and while you’re at it…get them Twitter handles too. And Gmail addresses. 

Think of it as a Digital Investment!


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