Canola Field + Sweet Light + Parasol {Calgary Canola Field Photography}

Posted on Jul 28, 2011

Sometimes I shoot a session where I cannot wait to edit the images. This was one of those sessions. You have seen this family on my blog a lot…they live 2 doors down from me, and are always up for a shoot. So, when I posted on my Facebook Page last week that I wanted to do a canola field shoot…they were all over it.

Not ten minutes after I got home, I already had them uploaded and was editing them. I had them all done and the gallery up that night! (To my future clients – although I am always fast…I am seldom THAT fast!)

The little girl hasn’t always been a ‘fan’ of getting her picture taken. In the past, it has always been a little bit of a struggle to get her to look happy. This night was NOT like that. All of a sudden she’s a little poser! She was smiling and really ‘workin it’. Her brother has always been a great little model, and didn’t disappoint this time either. I was super excited.

Anyway, enjoy!

IMG_9244 wm

IMG_9147_1 wm

IMG_9187 wm

IMG_9218_1 wm

IMG_9188_1 wm

IMG_9225special wm


If anyone else is interested in a Canola Field shoot – let me know ASAP. Time is of the essence!

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