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My Dancer

Posted By on Jul 21, 2015

Bella and I have had a really fun year, enjoying her 1st year of competitive dance. We had 4 competitions, the last one was in Kelowna where her & I had a “Mom & Middle Vacay” (she’s my middle child…get it?).
My camera was along for the ride for most of it, and I’d like to share my favourite shots, along with some I did of her in the studio last week.

IMG_7749 (Copy)

IMG_7759 (Copy)

IMG_7708 (Copy)

IMG_7725 (Copy)













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Kids Chores – Version 186

Posted By on Oct 27, 2014

I’ve tried many ways of getting the kids to do chores over the years. We used an app called iAllowance a couple years ago, but the app was confusing (could be better now). At the start of summer I tried a ‘chores as punishment’ approach, which never took off. And it wasn’t because my kids are perfect little angels, I assure you. I just didn’t want chores to be a punishment.

A few weeks ago, I started writing chores that needed to be done on post-it notes, with a monetary value on them. Any of the kids could do them, and I’d pay them for it. Well, it turns out my kids are motivated by cash. It was a race the first day, to see who could make the most cash. I paid them $22 total. Way cheaper than a house cleaner!

But, it looked like this:


So today I got crafty. I went to Michaels and bought a black magnetic dry erase board, some magnetic frames, some adhesive magnets, polka dot paper and some washi tape. All in, it cost me $61, after using the 50% off coupon for the board, which was regularly $45.

I divided the sections with Washi Tape. Way easier than paint or gluing paper. I love washi tape!

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

I used pictures of each kid instead of putting their names, because I think it looks nicer.

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

All the chores are on the bottom. When something needs doing, I move it to the “Chores To Do” side. When someone completes it, they move it under their picture until I pay them.

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto
Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto www.shannonhiltonblog.comThe chore tags were made with Michael’s paper and my Stampin’ Up! Punches. I stuck adhesive magnets on the back of them.


Actually no, this guy did that. Excuse the brown socks. He dresses himself. I promise I know better.


I made extras so I can fill them in when I need something different done. I keep them handy in a jar beside my desk.


Doesn’t that look better?!?!
Kid's Chore Chart DIY  #SHPhoto

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Bella: Eight

Posted By on Apr 9, 2014

My beautiful Bella turned 8 a couple weeks ago. Just realized I never blogged about it. My poor middle child. Better late than never!



At eight, Bella loves to dance. She is all of a sudden very girly – growing out her bangs and spending a lot more time on her hair, especially before Dance class. She won’t play outside without the perfect outfit. She mixes & matches her outfits and loves bright colours. She has an awesome imagination and is a huge cheerleader to everything her siblings do. She’s starting to fight to get her way, getting very upset when things don’t go as planned, as is the messiest kid ever, which makes it very frustrating for her sister who shares a room with her! She loves photography -had a photo shoot with her brother the other night, and made sure she remembered the Rule of Thirds.

Here’s the video I did for her Birthday.

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Posted By on Mar 12, 2014

I love excitement. I plan our next trip on the way home from the airport. I always have to have something to look forward to – an event to plan, a trip to book, a company to start. I start fights with my husband to ‘kick things up a notch’. I’m often ‘that Mom’; causing drama by over-thinking things. I rant a lot. I rant on Facebook, I rant at Parent Council Meetings.
I crave drama & excitement.

But I woke up on Sunday morning …content.

My fat pants stayed on all day. We had nothing to do but go to dinner at Gramma’s (the fat pants stayed on for that too). And I pulled out my ‘good camera’. The camera that, these days, only comes out of the camera bag for shoots I’m being paid for, courses I’m teaching, or ‘events’.

I wanted to capture our day. Our normal day.

This is what it looked like.


Charlie and I share this chair most mornings. I love the way he rests his foot on my leg.



_MG_0288_MG_0301     _MG_0303  _MG_0304_MG_0345_MG_0357_MG_0377_MG_0382_MG_0390

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Cancun Vacay

Posted By on Feb 27, 2014

We went to Cancun at the end of January. It was amazing.
We stayed at the Gran Caribe and have no complaints. Zilch. It was fabulous, as is their resort in Playa Del Carmen, where we stayed a year and a half ago.

Here are my favourite pics from the trip. (And a video of Abby flipping off a  yoga ball in the sand on the beach!)

cancun fam











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Posted By on Jan 16, 2014

Abby is turning ten on Saturday. Double digits. I’m not sure where the last ten years went, but they passed so quickly. I can’t believe that in another ten, she’ll be 20. She’s probably have a couple Olympic medals by then. Kidding.
I’m so proud of this kid. From being born at 4.5 pounds in 2004 to what she is now in 2014…I’m in awe. 2013 was rough – you can read about it here, but I’m excited to see what she accomplishes this year, and who she becomes in the next ten years.

Happy 10th Birthday!

(This is the video I did for her last year, with some additions to the end. The song, “Trouble” by Pink, still fits her perfectly. And we’re seeing Pink in concert tonight…how fitting!)

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