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Posted on Apr 2, 2013

Charlie is right smack dab in the middle of the Terrifying Three’s. This is the stage that no one expects after surviving the Terrible Two’s. I’ve always told people with a 2 year old, that it gets worse.
See, when your little blessing is two…everything they do is still so cute. At three, the cuteness wears off, and they are just terrifying.
Since I’m a Photographer, I take pictures of everything. Rarely do I say the words, “Say Cheese!” to my kids when I’m taking their pictures. Instead, I try to document real life. And, in my real life…is Charlie. In all his terrible & terrifying glory.
It started with an Instagram pic I posted last summer of him freaking out when I was trying to get a picture of him with a rainbow behind him. The caption I put on Instagram was “Charlie Loves Rainbows”. Now, everytime I get a freaking out picture I caption it with “Charlie Loves…”
Thanks to Picasa face recognition, I have been able to go back since his second birthday and pull out all the best freak out pics. There are more, but these are the best. And, since he is only 3 and 7 months, I’m sure there will be more before he turns four and magically turns into a calmer, more mature child (ha!).

Here are the best of the best so far. We start with:
-Charlie Loves Rainbows
-Charlie Loves Games
-Charlie Loves Puddles


Then we have:
-Charlie Loves Pumpkins
-Charlie Loves Dressing Up
-Charlie Loves Skating



-Charlie Loves The Ocean
-Charlie Loves Haircuts


And finally:
-Charlie Loves New Bikes
-Charlie Loves Balloons
-Charlie Loves Gingerbread Houses (Which actually doesn’t have the same freak out face, but he was a hot mess, trust me.)



June 17th, 2013 Update:

I’ve managed to collect a few more #CharlieLoves images since this post was 1st published.

Starting things off, we have:
-Charlie Loves discussing going to the gym daycare
-Charlie Loves his Gator

Charlie Loves


Next up:
-Charlie Loves Babies
-Charlie Loves Hiking
-Charlie loves picking his sister up from Public Pools
(there was a crowd behind me)

Charlie Loves


And last for this update is:

-Charlie Loves Garage Sales
-Charlie Loves waiting for Prescriptions
-Charlie Loves Birthday Parties
(2 minutes before this he was all excited to go into the party)

Charlie Loves


He does smile sometimes too. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that!

November 21, 2013 Update:

I think it’s over! At just over 4 years old…I think the tantrums are over. Now that I said that, I might be cursing it, but he hasn’t had a fit for over 2 months. Fingers crossed. Here, is what I’m hoping is my last installment of #CharlieLoves:

-Charlie Loves the Dentist’s Office



-Charlie Loves Dinner

-Charlie Loves high quality face painting

-Charlie Loves colouring

-Charlie Loves Cheerios

And it ended abruptly with this one, which was a rough one for Mommy too!
-Charlie Loves Going back to School


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  1. These are great! I totally understand about 2 and 3. Jillian got better after that for sure, a little anyway. Megan is just getting more and more defiant. Five is quickly turning in to Fighting Fives!! That is all she does these days. Fights with me, with her sister, with her dad, the day home kids and on a good day she even yells at the dog!! If only I had your knack for photography LOL!

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