Cups is Taking Over Our Lives

Posted on Jan 12, 2013

In the last two days, I’ve spent more than 6 hours learning/teaching/doing “Cups” with the girls. Bella and I did it for three hours straight last night while Abby was at gymnastics!

We saw it first on the movie “Pitch Perfect” (which is FABULOUS, if you haven’t seen it). In the movie, Anna Kendrick does her version of Lulu and the Lampshade’s “Cups” (You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone). Their YouTube video is here.

See Anna Kendrick doing it here – from when she was on David Letterman – she’s crazy fast! This is a longer version than the video I posted on Friday – it gives more background.

So now the girls and I have a dream to do it perfectly, at every family get together, maybe even busking at the first Calgary Flames home game! Kidding. Kinda.

And here’s the best part – Bella is better than Abby! Shhhh…don’t tell her I said that. Although she does have 3 more hours of practice in than her!

Here’s Bella doing it alone (notice how she can even wipe her nose with her arm while doing it – pure, raw talent! : v=B29uf_0t7bw &amp


I’ll post a video of ll three of us doing it as soon as it’s ready for public viewing 🙂 .

Daddy even brought home red Solo cups for us to REALLY get down to business.



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