Disneyland/Palm Springs 2011

Posted on Mar 31, 2011

We are back and rested up from our whirlwind of a vacay to Disneyland and Palm Desert.
The trip started with a surprise for the girls, on Bella’s Birthday:

And we were off to the airport to meet Gramma and Grumpa!

We arrived to our awesome suite at the Anaheim Desert Inn late in the afternoon. We unpacked, and went and got some snacks, and dinner at the Buffet place a couple doors down (Captain Kidd’s). We even got them to bring out a piece of cake and to sing!

Bella announced it was the Best Birthday EVER! And we hadn’t even got to the park yet!

That night, Mike and I took Bella to the roof of the hotel to watch the fireworks – it was FREEZING – but a pretty cool way to end a 5th birthday!

The next morning we were up, fed and at the park shortly before 9am. Main Street was packed with people, waiting for the rides to open. We headed straight to It’s a Small World, and we aren’t sure why. BORING! But then we went for pictures with the Princesses, and were glad to see it was way less busy than the last time we were there. The girls met Belle, Tiana and Ariel, and it was awesome to see the magic was still there; I was worried Abby would be too old, but she wasn’t.



After that we headed over to Toon Town, where we did the Roger Rabbit ride and walked around a bit. The kids wanted to do the roller coaster in there, but the line was insane. We also saw Goofy in Toon Town, and I’m mad we didn’t get Mike in the picture to go with the family pic we got with Goofy last time!
The rest of the day was great, we did lots of rides, and managed to wear ourselves out completely before the rain came at around 3pm.


The second Day was our “One Magic Morning”, where we got to get in the park and hour before the general public! Sounds awesome, and the reason I bought a 3 day pass instead of a 2 day pass, but it turns out that it wasn’t as ‘intimate’ as I thought:

But we managed to get on Space Mountain pretty quickly, so that was good. (And by quickly, I mean it was only a 35 minute wait! lol!). And I will never do that ride again! Scared the bajeebers out of me. We did a lot the second day – got on almost all the rides we wanted to, with the exception of Indiana Jones and Soaring Over California – both of which we got Fast Passes for, and were both broken when we returned! Boo!




After dinner, we left Charlie at the hotel with Gramma and Grumpa, and Mike and I took the girls back. We got tons of rides done (with very short lines), and stayed for the fireworks – which is my favourite part. I was doing the ugly cry at the end!



When we woke up the next morning it was rainy and cloudy. We were very grateful we went back the night before, and decided to not risk heading to the park to get rained out, and head to Palm Desert early. After picking up the rental van, and somehow getting all our luggage and the stroller (and us!) into it, off we went on the California Freeways to the Desert heat!

We spent the next 4 days at Gramma’s new place in Palm Desert. We shopped till we dropped, and pool-hopped. The pools there only allow kids for an hour at a time, so on the last day the girls spent the afternoon spending an hour at each. It was the least we could do, after dragging them around with us shopping so much!

We went to Grammie & Papa’s Condo for dinner the night we got to Palm, and had brunch with them the next morning. They were on their way to Newport Beach for a week.

Abby lost her top tooth at the Outlet Mall!


We loved the Orange Trees and eating fresh oranges!





We weren’t ready to leave the heat of the desert, but at 9:45am on the last day, we left Palm Desert and headed back to LAX to catch our 3:45pm flight! Next time we definitely have to fly out of Palm Springs, if we can find cheaper airfare. To do that this time, it was going to be $468 a person! We flew out of LAX for $159.
Here’s a little video wrap-up from the girls:
Did I mention we shopped?

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