Erin & Steve {Calgary Couples Photography}

Posted on Oct 18, 2010

Erin and Steve were coming down from Fort McMurray to visit relatives, and decided to squeeze a shoot in too, and I’m so glad they did. They even brought me a Frappucino…BONUS POINTS!
On my way home after the shoot, I heard Omadiah Parker’s version of “Hey Ya” on the radio and thought that it suited Erin & Steve perfectly; trying so hard to be serious, but still fun and silly on the inside!

Here’s their slideshow, followed by a few of my faves:

IMG_6761 [1024x768] [1024x768]
IMG_6749_1 [1024x768] [WM]
IMG_6904_2 [1024x768] [WM]

IMG_6899 [1024x768] [WM]

On a side note…this awesome weather is allowing me to fit in a few extra outdoor shoots before we are forced in to the studio. I have a few weeknights available in the next week & a bit, and 2 times available this Sunday. Let me know if you are interested!

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