Friday Favorite Finds – Hello Pinterest! {Calgary Photographer}

Posted on Mar 2, 2011

It’s been MONTHS since I did a Favourite Find post…but I’ve been compiling stuff for awhile. Here’s some stuff I love that you should check out:

My favourite Things, Currently:
My Keurig – great site to order K Cups – you can make your own packs:
Scentsy – I have two burners and LOVE LOVE LOVE the scents. Check out my friend Maggie’s site: (and I’m having a party in April if you want to come!!)

My favourite iPhone & iPad Apps:
Project 365 (iPhone)
Hipstamatic – The reason I got an iPhone. True story.
8mm – Vintage movie camera – love.
Whatsapp – The closest thing to BBM for the iPhone.
Big Day Lite – for counting down to a big event.
Runkeeper – For when I actually get to the gym.
Shazam – Oldie but a Goodie.
Bump – This was my first ever app, but it’s got way cooler. Check it out!

My Favourite Websites & Internet Stuff: Making ringtones.
Sharepod: Transferring songs from iPad/iPod, iPhone to computer. Downloading Movies on the cheap. You can get a month FREE! – Compiles all those daily coupon deals to ONE email, rather than dozens. – awesome party blog. Where I found how to make this cake that I made for my daughter’s birthday in January:

FridaysFavouriteFinds copy

And, a doozy…dumdumdum… Been on this for a few weeks now, and it is the reason my house is a mess, and I am running behind on everything in my life. It’s VERY addicting. It’s like a giant cork board for the internet, where you post all your favourite things, and follow people to see their favourite things. Hard to explain, but REALLY cool. Some say it’s a waste of time, I find it extremely inspiring. I get inspired to create stuff, when I actually get off the computer and away from Pinterest! Let me know if you want an invite!


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