Friday Favourite Finds: April 12, 2013

Posted on Apr 12, 2013

It’s been a few weeks since my last Friday Favourite Finds post…but I have been compiling some info. Then, when Buzz Bishop posted about ‘Google Death’ on Facebook this morning, I knew I had to share!

  • I have a list of passwords & websites in my safe, right along with my CD’s of backed up family pictures, so people can find all my ‘stuff’ online…if I die. Now, Google has (finally) created a process that will help. They call it the “Inactive Account Manager“. Ultimately, it will email people in your trusted contacts list if you haven’t used your account in a certain amount of time (that you decide on). If you don’t use Google services, this won’t matter to you, but I use Gmail (I have at least 6 email addresses that are forwarded to one Gmail address), Google Calendar, Google Drive (another place to back stuff up online, plus a lot of my husband’s company’s stuff is ran through Drive), Picasa (has EVERY picture I’ve taken of my family since 2004), and YouTube has EVERY video I’ve taken since 2004.


  • Speaking of YouTube – Here’s a ‘Pro Tip’ – after you take a video on your phone, upload it to YouTube immediately (or as soon as you are connected to wifi so you can upload in  HD). Then you can delete it off your phone to save space! I make them all Private of course, and title them all with the date, like this: 2013 – April: Abby Gymnastics, and tag them with the kid’s name, so they are easy to search.


  • Years ago, Mike and I got in a huge fight in Canadian Tire, when I wanted to buy a small carpet shampooer. He didn’t think it was necessary and didn’t want to spend the money. In the end, I won the argument, and that little machine has been worth every penny. Why? Because my dog is the worst. That’s why. My version is older, but it is now known as ‘The Green Machine. Get one.

  •  I’d also like to talk about Evernote. It’s hard to explain all it does, so just check it out for yourself. But seriously, this is becoming a lifesaver to me. Somewhere to save all my ideas, documents, web clippings, etc. I’m constantly ‘sharing’ information to it with notes. You can email articles to it to read later, or to pin later, or to blog later, etc. As soon as it connects with Notability, my life will be perfect. Seriously.


  • Oh, what’s Notability, you ask? Only the best iPad App EVER, when it comes to taking notes, writing journals, planning  Camera Day Camp syllabuses, etc.! My paper notebooks, lists and journals are quickly being replaced with this. It’s connected to DropBox too, so everything can be backed up. And I love to back stuff up! You can use a stylus (or your finger) to write on it, add text wherever you want, even record voice notes & embed them! Here’s a great video that shows you how to use Notability & Evernote to annotate PDF’s – awesome for teachers!!


  • And last but not least this week is an iPad app…which is the ULTIMATE image viewer. Cooliris lets me view all my images from my iPad, Picasa, Instagram, DropBox, Google Drive, Twitter, Flickr, etc. All on one app. And it’s interface is beautiful. Love it.


  •  Oh! Almost forgot! Love this too. Every day, I get an email showing me what I posted on Facebook a year ago on that day. Check it out! Today’s showed me that we had snow a year ago too, so it’s normal, apparently!



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