Friday’s Favourite Finds

Posted on Jan 11, 2013

Just realized it’s Friday, and I don’t have many Favourite Finds this week, except:

  • Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower – man that stuff is awesome! Soap scum on my glass shower…gone! With no scrubbing…or touching. Spray it on, wait, rinse it off…done!
  • I love Zite. It’s the first app I open in the morning, and the last one I check before bed (not including Facebook or Email!). It’s a personal magazine-type app.
  • Speaking of Zite – found this on there this morning: State of the Calgary’s Twittersphere. Very neat info.
  • Twit Cleaner – I’m following 2000 people on Twitter. And that’s the max. So I ran this program and it tells me who to unfollow; including people who never tweet, don’t follow me back, only tweet links, etc.
  • The Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. If you’ve seen the movie then you know the song. Below is Anna Kendrick doing it for Dave Letterman. My kids have become obsessed with learning it, watching YouTube tutorials non-stop. v=1708WI4RH-Q&amp

Even Charlie is getting into it! v=lOr5_FYB_A4&amp


  1. Anna Kendrick is the best. BEST.

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