Gratitude Jar

Posted on Jan 3, 2013

This year, in addition to our Bucket List Tree, we are incorporating a ‘Gratitude Jar’.

As much as I love the Bucket List Tree, it’s a lot of ‘wanting’. The Gratitude Jar balances the want with gratitude.

The jar will hold the things we are grateful for throughout the year, and we will read them next New Year’s Eve.

To make it, we took a huge jar that I bought at Michael’s, using a 40% off coupon, so it was about $11 I think. Then I applied stickers, because it was less hassle than embossing or stamping.

Next I added ribbon and bling. Because it’s all about the bling.


Gratitude Jar

Bella helped me punch the tags, which we will write our messages of gratitude. They’ll be kept in a pretty box next to the jar.



Here’s a video of Bella explaining the whole thing:

And where will we keep it?
On the kitchen table, of course.
At dinner time, we do the ‘High/Low’ game, where we go around the table and tell what our best & worst part of the day was. This often leads to discussions about gratitude, so the Gratitude Jar will be right there!


Gratitude Jar


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