My Boy’s John Deere Party {Calgary Party Planner…kidding}

Posted on Aug 25, 2010

A funny thing happened when Charlie’s 1st birthday was approaching…I wanted to do it up…BIG! This is such a ‘first time parent’ thing to do, that I even surprised myself, seeing as that he is #3. But, he is my only boy, and planning a party that had nothing to do with princesses or pedicures was new and exciting!

So it started with the theme: John Deere. Those who know me well, know that my Dad is really into John Deere. Is he a farmer? No. He has a little ride’em lawn mower that’s John Deere, and other than that…TONS of collectables, clothing, dishware…you name it. It started years ago, I remember scouring Ebay (back when you could actually get deals), for anything JD for presents for him. Then everyone caught on. Now anytime anyone sees anything JD, they buy it for him, and he has quite the little showroom happening. Anything that isn’t already John Deere Green & Yellow, gets painted green & yellow too.

Here’s the invite that I emailed out (see, THAT was a 3rd baby thing…I usually mail the invites!)

Charlie 1st bday email

Then came the cupcakes. For anyone following me on Twitter, you know I baked more than 200 mini cupcakes. Why? Well, I started with about 72 chocolate ones. Then I realized I should have done green and yellow ones. So I did. A whole bunch of them!


I might have served my one year old green and yellow KD on his birthday. Maybe.


These are the candies that went in the loot bags, which were actually green & yellow sand pails.


This is the outside of the house. Notice the pinwheels. I made about 30 of those.



We even had a selection of John Deere shirts the guests could wear:


The entry way, complete with a Charlie “Shrine” on the wall:


Oh Look! Green & Yellow fruit! And his ‘smash cake’:


The Spread:


This centrepiece was my favourite thing. The M&M’s were straight from Vegas, thanks to a friend of a friend. I can’t bring myself to take this apart. The ribbon is even green & yellow!!

John Deere Birthday Party


Thanks to everyone who came to the party, and for all the strangers who read this all the way through! I can’t believe my little guy is one! Oh, and yes…he was there too:


And here’s one with the tired Birthday Boy and his favourite event planner:



  1. Now thats just straight up awesome! The green and yellow KD and the trike on the step are wicked!!!

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  2. lol! Thanks Drew! We opted to leave the battery powered Gator at the cabin, along with the golf cart we have painted John Deere green & yellow too!

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  3. This is so awesome Shannon! I can’t believe all the work that you put into it – you can definitely come do my next party, lol!

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