Oprah in Calgary – Recap

Posted on Jan 23, 2013

I woke up on November 2 with a phone full of texts, emails, Tweets & Facebook messages telling me that Oprah was coming to Calgary.

That was a great day.

I managed to get okay tickets – thankfully – but still tried (and failed) to ‘PR my way to the front row’. I was hoping because my husband was one of 5 Calgarians that had actually been on the Oprah show, that I could snag a better seat, but in the end I wasn’t left disappointed with anything. 

I did a couple phone interviews, one for the Herald and another for Calgary Metro. Mike was featured in an article in Avenue Magazine, and I was interviewed by CTV. An hour long interview was cut down to 40 seconds on TV! Hardly worth the fuss & the stress!

But Oprah was worth everything. Just like I knew she would be. Auntie O did not disappoint. I wasn’t sure if I’d hear anything new – I mean, I’ve seen her Master Class twice, and her Oprah Winfrey Show Finale three times. Between those things, and everything else I’ve seen and read about Oprah, I thought I had heard it all.

But I hadn’t.

And she was SO Funny. Had us in stitches multiple times! Early in the show she accidentally called us ‘Edmonton’. For the rest of the night she kept joking about it, saying later that she would never forget ‘CAL-GA-RY!’ 

It was awesome that she came out in a White Cowboy hat (and her little cowboy strut).

After the show, she tweeted this picture:Oprah Calgary


A lot of what she spoke about was how to listen to your intuition, how life shows you things first in ‘whispers’. Something I believe in very strongly, and actually have this quote hanging on my mirror on my bathroom – I read it every day:Oprah Whispers Quote


The more I think about last night, the more I realize that she touched on a lot of the major things I have taken from her ‘teachings’ over the years. She even discussed Toni Morrison talking about ‘if your eyes light up when your child enters the room’. Something else major I’ve taken from her show(s). Here’s a link to her speaking about it during one of her ‘Lifeclass’ shows.

So, my third time seeing Oprah in person was pretty darn awesome. I’m so grateful for the experience. The show was worth every penny. 




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