Puerto Vallarta, Feb. 2012

Posted on Feb 20, 2012

Two lessons were learned this trip:
1. We do not like boat trips.
2. When faced with a beautifully sunshiny day, finally, on the last day of a trip, one should still wear sunscreen.

First a shout out to Charlie the potty master. For a week before we left, I was so worried about the potty situation. He was peeing no problem, but would not go #2, anywhere. He finally went a few times a couple days before we left, and it was a non issue the entire trip. He even peed outside, on a tree during our Pirate boat excursion! Yay Charlie!

The weather was the worst the locals had seen in 3 years! Lucky us. Fortunately, we proved that the Hilton’s do not need sun to have a great time.
The lack of sun gave us the opportunity to stay in the pool almost all day most days, without fear of a brutal sunburn. We were still getting tanned (& a little burned) through the overcast sky though.

The resort was okay. Great for kids and had amazing service & people. The buffet left a lot to be desired, but the a la carte restaurants made up for it.
The worst thing (and only for me since I’m such a light sleeper), was the location of the room. We were on a loud street with a thin glass door. I had to leave the air conditioner and bathroom fan on all night (& had earplugs in) to drown out the noise! Everyone else slept well though! The nightly shows were awesome for the kids. Charlie, if he didn’t fall asleep 5 minutes in, loved to clap for the dancers.

We went to the Malecon on Monday- early in the week to check it out. Pretty statues and sandcastles, and some fun shopping. The cab was super cheap there and back and was an easy little afternoon trip.

Tuesday was Daddy’s birthday, and the Italian restaurant sang and gave him a cake. The icing on the plate read, “happy birtday”…and we laughed! The waiter called Charlie ‘Carlito’, and remembered his name and my drink choice by the 3rd time we went!

We met some great people from the Edmonton area, and the girls were very sad when Alexa and Marley had to leave on Thursday.

The girls got their hair braided on Thursday. There were a few tears, but after an hour and 10 minutes (!!!) they looked great! I’m not really looking forward to taking them out in a few days!

On Friday, despite a crappy weather day, we headed out on the Pirate Boat Tour. $255 got us breakfast, lunch, all our drinks, snorkeling and water sports on a secluded beach. 6 hours of fun, right? Wrong! Mike and I got a little sea sick before the boat even left the dock. We both took some kids gravol and managed to keep it together, but it was agonizing at times. The pirates were great and tried to put on a great show, but it was cold and rough and we were all a little distracted.
By the time we were approaching the secluded beach, it was really rough, and the pirates announced that only really strong swimmers could go snorkeling. That left us out, which was really disappointing because that was the main reason we did the excursion. When we reached the beach, we had to get out of the pirate ship and into a smaller motor boat to be taxied to shore. They were recommending leaving electronic items on the pirate ship, and I knew why later. This was probably one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever done. I’m honestly surprised all three kids and the camera (that I had to take, of course) made it unscathed. It was so rough, that jumping into (& later out of) the boat was pretty much a leap of faith. Mike took Charlie, I took the bag with the camera, and the Pirates helped the girls. I was very grateful to get to shore! And I would definitely not recommend that tour for families with young children. Which would be the majority of their clients I think.

Saturday we finally had a sunny day. It was awesome. We played at the pool, but also spent a lot of time at the beach. We just laid our towels in the sand. Heaven. Drinking fancy drinks and frolicking in the ocean. Sunscreen? Meh. Who needs it? We wanted a tan after all! And only had one day to do it. Well. Both daddy and I were burnt to a crisp, and I even got sun stroke. Abby got it the worst for the kids (of course), but we were way more diligent with them.

Sunday morning we rushed through breakfast to get a quick swim in and a quick shopping trip to the flea market next door before heading to the airport. Where, stupid Sunwing couldn’t seat us together. I sat with the kids for the take off, then Daddy took over. So here I am, on the airplane, sitting in peace, blogging!

All in all I’d give the trip a 7/10. The kids were trying at times, but they are at home too. The resort was okay, great for the kids, but the weather sucked. Not much we could control, so we just went with it!
Big kudos to Daddy who always made sure our bellies were full, offered to do almost all Charlie’s potty trips, and mommy always had a drink in her hand.

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