St Patrick’s Day Birthday Party

Posted on Feb 7, 2013

Birthdays tend to take on a life of their own around here. I get an idea, and then with the help of Pinterest and Dollar Stores, it ends up being somewhat of an extravaganza. Take Charlie’s 1st Birthday, for example. I decided on a John Deere theme, and then pretty soon my house was completely taken over with Green & Yellow. You can see that party blogged here.

John Deere Birthday Party

I also went crazy with Charlie’s 3rd Birthday party. His world then (and now) revolved around his favourite thing: popcorn. So I did a crazy popcorn party.


Abby’s 9th birthday last month even got a little nutty with all the mini cupcakes I made for her cupcake fondue.

Bella’s 6th party last year was also a little over the top. We did the party on St. Patrick’s Day, so the theme was obvious. I have no idea why I didn’t blog it last year. Perhaps I was St. Patrick’ed out. 

Her day started with St. Patrick’s Eggos:



My day may have also started with some Irish inspiration:



The party planning began with a Pinterest search, of course, where I decided on the idea of doing a scavenger hunt, and even found these really awesome free printables. I also got the cake inspiration from Pinterest, but added a sparkly shamrock. I also did some green shamrock chocolates.



Now, the question is…how do I top it this year? Or do I bother trying?


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