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Happy Friday! Happy February!

Not since I was a wee teen, have I listened to an album, in its entirety, so much. This week’s Favourite Find is The Lumineers album.
The Lumineers have become a big part of my life, lol. 


If you need convinced, watch this. Thank you to my cousin Kelsey for posting that link on Facebook!

But don’t fall in love with their unlisted song (2nd video on that page), because its not released yet. You could watch that video over and over though, like I do.


Also, for anyone who posts as many links & reads as many blogs as I do, you have to check out the Hootsuie Hootlet Chrome extention and NewsSquares Chrome app! They’ve been making my life easier for awhile now. There’s also the extention. It’s awesome too.
ps – If you’re not using Chrome as your Internet Browser, you’re doing it wrong. 




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