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It’s been MONTHS since I did a Favourite Find post…but I’ve been compiling stuff for awhile. Here’s some stuff I love that you should check out:

My favourite Things, Currently:
My Keurig – great site to order K Cups – you can make your own packs:
Scentsy – I have two burners and LOVE LOVE LOVE the scents. Check out my friend Maggie’s site: (and I’m having a party in April if you want to come!!)

My favourite iPhone & iPad Apps:
Project 365 (iPhone)
Hipstamatic – The reason I got an iPhone. True story.
8mm – Vintage movie camera – love.
Whatsapp – The closest thing to BBM for the iPhone.
Big Day Lite – for counting down to a big event.
Runkeeper – For when I actually get to the gym.
Shazam – Oldie but a Goodie.
Bump – This was my first ever app, but it’s got way cooler. Check it out!

My Favourite Websites & Internet Stuff: Making ringtones.
Sharepod: Transferring songs from iPad/iPod, iPhone to computer. Downloading Movies on the cheap. You can get a month FREE! – Compiles all those daily coupon deals to ONE email, rather than dozens. – awesome party blog. Where I found how to make this cake that I made for my daughter’s birthday in January:

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And, a doozy…dumdumdum… Been on this for a few weeks now, and it is the reason my house is a mess, and I am running behind on everything in my life. It’s VERY addicting. It’s like a giant cork board for the internet, where you post all your favourite things, and follow people to see their favourite things. Hard to explain, but REALLY cool. Some say it’s a waste of time, I find it extremely inspiring. I get inspired to create stuff, when I actually get off the computer and away from Pinterest! Let me know if you want an invite!


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Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday Favourite Finds post. Been busy with my brother’s wedding reception – which was last Saturday, and well, just parenting!  I’ve had a few shoots over the last couple weeks, so I’ve been proofing those as well. I also have a brand new nephew (who I get to meet in a couple hours), and I’m very much looking forward to photographing him!

My Favourite Finds for this week: – great decor & idea blog – My all-time favourite recipe site. You can search for recipes and then sort them by rating, so you get the highest rated ones first. Used it just this morning, when I ran out of pancake mix, and had to make some from scratch (gasp!).
Greyson Chance– move over Justin Bieber! I don’t know how old this is, I see he’s already been on Ellen…but this kid is incredible. Watch the Ellen clip too.
Social Media Revolution – this video is about something very near & dear to my heart…the importance of Social Media. I strongly believe people in my generation need to stay in the loop – especially stay at home moms who may want to re-enter the workforce one day. Do not let this pass you by.
Facebook in Real Life – Very funny video.

And, because it’s May Long Weekend, and I get to go to my favourite place today…a pic of my cabin last year on May long…let’s hope we don’t wake up to this again this year! Followed by some of my favourite ‘summery’ images!

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Friday Favourite Finds

Friday Favourite Finds

Posted By on Apr 16, 2010

As you read this, I am on a plane to JAMAICA! This is my first ‘tropical’ vacay since my honeymoon in 2002, and we are super pumped. And by ‘we’ I mean my whole ENTIRE family. Not only are we taking our 3 kids, but a lot of my extended family will be there, because my little brother is getting MARRIED, in a gazebo, on the beach in JAMAICA!

So, I’m going to do a contest!
I want YOU to guess how many pictures I’m going to take while on our 7 day vacation! Keep in mind, there’s a wedding (I’m not the photog, but will be snapping away from my seat!), there’s my 3 kids (Charlie’s first airplane ride, etc.), there’s the Grandparents (bonding moments), there’s the skinny hubby (who has recently lost A LOT of weight and will probably be struttin’ his stuff for the lens) and did I mention my girls are  FLOWER GIRLS?!?! (sorry for all the yelling, but I’m REALLY excited!)
Also keep in mind, that on Easter Sunday (one day), I took 254 pictures by 3:30 in the afternoon. lol.
So, email (or comment below) your guess, and the closest one to the actual number will win a FREE sitting!

On with my finds for this week…
Kind of a “Homemakers” theme this week: – thank you to fellow Calgary photog Kathy Jongstra for this lead…I love the awesome cake pop idea! – I love this blog. Love it. And you don’t have to live in Arizona to love it. I really want to find a Calgary blog similar to this. – The name says it all.

And, another little find… Have you been to this site? It’s like a big, awesome drugstore online, with FREE SHIPPING!! We never find free shipping in Canada, so it’s a good one! Thanks to my Auntie Janine for that one!

Oh, and one more thing…I have entered Charlie in the Vibe98.5’s Cutest Kid Contest! Please take a moment to vote! The prizes are AWESOME!

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Happy Easter!

As I’ve said before, I am an internet junky. I rarely watch TV, I am always on the computer – reading blogs, Tweeting, Facebooking, or just working on pics. I also love free stuff.

Free Stuff that makes my life easier: – A place to save websites, pics, articles, reminders, ANYTHING…and can be syched between my Blackberry, computer & the web (to access from anywhere) very easily. – very easy service that allows me to email big files to anyone. Even transferring pictures & large pdf’s from my hubby’s computer to mine, saving me from trying to locate the flash drive. – awesome newsletter service. – This Google service lets me share photos easily with friends and family. If I ‘allow it’, they can even download them. It’s also a good place to back up your photos. I do pay for more space, but I use it to back up my professional photos too.

Picasa leads me into the Google realm. Google has TONS of awesome stuff available. The Calendar has saved my marriage. Seriously. It’s web based, so we can access it from where ever we are. I have everything colour coded, and you can add notes to your appointments, which comes in really hand for clients emails, etc. I also rent our family’s cabin in Sylvan Lake (oh look! that website is a free Google site!!), so I use Google Calendar to save all the reservation information.

Google Documents is also handy for sharing documents with people. My hubby and his business partner use this for their work schedule (need wheelchair transportation?). It can also be used to back up important documents.
Google Reader is awesome for people who follow a lot of blogs. It works like email, showing you how many blogs have been updated when you log in. I’m currently following 37 blogs. If I went from blog to blog the old fashioned way, this would take two days!
Which brings me to Gmail (skipping Maps because EVERYONE knows about Google maps). Gmail is the most bestest email ever. I have 5 email addresses. Why? Because I’m cool like that. Gmail lets me receive all my mail in one place, really easily. What’s cooler, is that it lets me SEND an email from any of the addresses from one place too. And it has the best search functionality too. I have emails in there from 2007, that I can find super easily. It also lets you save ‘canned responses’, ie. when people email me about the cabin, I can send them a ‘thank-you for your inquiry, please see the website for more information’ email, that saves me from typing it out over and over. Also, when I have a clients images up on the website, I send them a ‘canned response’ on how to view and order.


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