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My Dancer

Posted By on Jul 21, 2015

Bella and I have had a really fun year, enjoying her 1st year of competitive dance. We had 4 competitions, the last one was in Kelowna where her & I had a “Mom & Middle Vacay” (she’s my middle child…get it?).
My camera was along for the ride for most of it, and I’d like to share my favourite shots, along with some I did of her in the studio last week.

IMG_7749 (Copy)

IMG_7759 (Copy)

IMG_7708 (Copy)

IMG_7725 (Copy)













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As a photographer, I spend the entire months of October & November doing family portraits for everyone else. Today, I managed to wrangle up the family to do our photos.
Last year we tried to be a little creative, with the frame in frame shot (so glad I ditched the blonde hair since then!): 



The few years prior, we always just did the normal studio shots.




But this year, we decided to do a portrait that showed who we really are. This is what we came up with:


I love it! Below are some other shots we got today.


The ‘Using a Tripod has Some Cons’ shot (cut off the girl’s head):


The famous ‘Hilton Pose’ shot:  


The ‘Mom was Posing’ shot:



The ‘Black and White’ shot (this is the one that will be framed for the wall – but in color):



And, the ‘We Tried one with the Dog’ shot (even though the dog wasn’t looking and is cut off…I still like it):

It was first time we had all five of us in the new studio…and I’m a fan! We didn’t even have to use a backdrop (although I did have to airbrush an electrical plug out of some of them!)

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A few weeks ago while driving to the cabin, the canola fields were the brightest I’ve ever seen. I enjoy bright yellow fields. Immensely. I must of sounded like a tourist, going on and on about them the whole way there.

Anyway, we had friends out to the cabin that weekend, and while the Daddies went fishing, the Mommy’s went photographing. Here’s some of my faves:





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This is a phrase I say a million times a day, sometimes when I say it I even annoy myself.
“Hello handsome boy!”

This is my handsome Boy at 9.5 months. Still waking every 2.5 – 3.5 hours at night to be nursed back to sleep. And I do it. I know, I know…I want to sleep, but I also loved to be needed. I know these months go by so quickly, and one day soon, I’ll look back at this sleepless time, and it will all be a haze. I’ve tried to let him cry it out multiple times, but for several reasons, still revert back to getting up and nursing him back to sleep. He is my third, I know he will sleep eventually. So for now, I will awaken with my handsome boy multiple times a night, spend a few stolen moments with the little guy who before my eyes is changing from a baby to a toddler, and nurse him back to sleep, because that’s how I roll.

IMG_1062 seventies

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I am an internet junky. What I love most about the internet is how smart it makes me. lol. Okay, so a lot of what I learn has no real value in real life, but occasionally it does, and so I am going to share my favourite finds of the week with you, on Fridays. Every Friday? Not likely, but I’ll try!

Today, I’d like to share these: – Coolest website for anyone handy with wood. Or who knows someone handy with wood. I forwarded this website to my dad, who is very handy with wood, but very unhandy with a computer. We’ll see what happens! – I actually love this entire site, but this article is timely, as we just kicked butt in the Olympics. – watch this without tearing up, I dare you! – you’d have to be living under a rock not to have seen this yet, but it’s cool and shouldn’t be missed. (Kinda on a Canadiana kick here, apparently.) – Don’t even know what to say about this, but check it out. It’s creepy yet hilarious! – this is one of those videos that can change your life. Watch it. Especially if you are a parent. It’s long, and although it seems like someone is going to die because of the music, no one does. (Was that just me, or was everyone waiting for a tragic ending?) Check out Katrina Kenison’s blog too, she is an amazing writer. – Great deals for Canadians, updated a LOT! Follow “simplyfrugal” on Twitter to see the deals Tweeted daily! – This website comes in very handy when you want to know what movies are REALLY okay for your kids to see.

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