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I’ve known Mama C since Junior High. She was one of my Bridesmaid’s. I remember walking down Elbow Drive with Mama C afterschool a couple days a week; she walked home that way, and I went to dancing. I remember being in English Honours with (and because of) Mama C. And I also remember her NEVER WANTING BABIES. She actually denied this once. But I remember.
***I do have to say here that my family will attest to the fact that I have many made-up memories from my past…but for the sake of a good blog post, just go with this***
I also remember the love I felt for my 1st born, and saying to Mama C shortly after that I would feel so bad for her if she never knew that feeling.
***This memory is totally true. We were at Luciano’s.***

Well, somewhere along the way, Mama C changed her mind. And I’m so glad she did. Meet Baby Annabel:

Annabel (27)_1 [1024x768]

Annabel (26) [1024x768]

Annabel (19)_2 [1024x768]

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