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Farewell to Oprah

Farewell to Oprah

Posted By on May 25, 2011

Today I woke up grumpy. I was grumpy all day. Even had a (full fat!!) mocha from Starbucks, and that didn’t help. Why so glum? It was Oprah’s last show today.

After 4pm, after I watched her wave good-bye and say her final words, my mood turned more to pure grief. And then, as I replayed her words over in my head (and the show, over and over on the PVR), I turned more introspective. What had she taught ME? What will my children’s lives be like without her?

I know this sounds very dramatic, but a lot of the way I think comes from Oprah. Believe in your dreams, follow your passion, what you put out comes about. I learned all of that from Oprah, The Celestine Prophecy books, The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and so on. But Oprah made it real. I was ‘picking up what she was throwing down’.

I was 11 when her show started. It was on every night when my mom cooked dinner, and later – when I did. It was background noise when I wasn’t interested in the topic – but usually her shows made me laugh, cry, dance & sing, day after day.

When she started the ‘Angel Network’ in 1998, I was 21. I watched as she did incredible things for people, and realized what the word ‘hero’ really meant. She was in fact an angel, for many people.

She speaks of energy a lot – which I’ve always been a strong believer in. How people can suck the energy from you, and out of a room. I was thrilled to see so much emphasis put on this at the start of her show today. My mom and I speak of the importance of surrounding yourself with positive energy all the time, and to stay away from the people who bring you down, who steal your energy. Today, Oprah said this, “You are responsible for the energy that you create for yourself and you are responsible for the energy that you bring to others”. Love it.

And, to all the naysayers, the people who make snide comments about Oprah’s ‘cult’, and the like…here’s a quote from an article I read tonight on
“There‚Äôs absolutely nothing wrong with empowering people to feel better about themselves or others. Oprah has used the power of television to preach the gospel of self-esteem and betterment and television has been used for far worse things in the last 25 years.”

When we were given the opportunity to go on the show, I often spoke of it being ‘surreal’, and that doesn’t even begin to describe it. Saying it was ‘dream come true’ doesn’t touch the magnitude of it either, because I could have never dreamed such a dream. Yes, I had always wanted to go on the show, yes, I had ‘visualized’ myself in those red chairs many times, but for Mike to be chosen as a GUEST, and us being given the royal treatment…well, that was more than incredible.

The experience has made me a super-fan. I watch the behind the scenes shows now and recognize the producers. I met some of them. I’ve been in a green room. I had my make-up done by a lady who has worked for Oprah for 20 years. The next person Oprah interviewed after Mike Hilton, was President Obama. I know what kind of art work flank the halls of Harpo. I’ve used the bathroom.

Purely unimaginable.

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3 Sleeps till Chicago!

Posted By on Apr 23, 2011

With 3 sleeps left, here are my thoughts:


Just got another email from Sarah, the producer, saying I’m going to be “miked” too. OMG! I’m going to talk to Oprah too!!

But this isn’t about me…

Random Thoughts

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Thoughts about this Oprah thing…

Posted By on Apr 21, 2011

We leave for Chicago in 5 sleeps. It has taken over our lives completely. We are sick from the stress, been shopping everyday for a week, and complete nervous wrecks. Did that sound negative? Because it is SO the opposite!
I just can’t believe all of this is happening to ‘lil ol’ us’. It is so much bigger than us, it’s crazy.

All I did was write a letter. And now look…

Mike is now a GUEST on the Oprah show! We have a car picking us up from the airport. They are sending Mike for a spray tan. They are PAYING FOR OUR FLIGHTS. They are putting us up in the Omni for the night before the show. We may have to go to Harpo Studios for a rehearsal the night before the taping. Barack Obama is at the next show the same day!

All I did was write a letter!

As much as I am looking forward to the show; seeing Oprah, seeing Mike get MORE recognition than we EVER thought possible, and just to be a part of it all, I am also looking forward to after the show. Celebrating and reliving each moment with Mike. I can’t wait for dinner that night when we can look at each other and ask, “did that just happen?”

I don’t know why we were picked. It’s just so big, it’s so surreal. But I do know there was a reason, and one day it will all make sense. We are supposed to be doing this, right now, in our lives, for whatever reason.


Random Thoughts

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