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Once again, I’ve been slacking royally with blogging my Photo Shoots. I’m really terrible at doing it actually. So terrible, that I have shoots from last September that I still haven’t blogged.
So, to take the pressure off, I’m going to do the rest of my 2012 shoots in two posts. This is the 1st one. Here are some of my faves from September until Mid-November:

First up are 2 of my favourite little people, who are both daughters of my BFF’s. Both their Momma’s just went back to work within the last 2 weeks, and I feel for them, having to leave their little munchkins behind every day. I remember having to do the same thing. Bittersweet.

Calgary Baby Photographer Shannon Hilton

Calgary Baby Photographer Shannon Hilton

Calgary Baby photographer

Calgary Baby Photographer Shannon Hilton

Next up is Baby T, the newest member to our block – that I`m aware of! Baby T is the little brother of sweet Baby O, who you can see here.

Calgary Newborn Photographer Shannon Hilton

Calgary newborn photographer


And some more fabulous families from last fall:

Calgary Baby Photographer

Calgary Fall Family Photography

Calgary Fall Family Photography

Calgary Fall Family Photography

Calgary Fall Family Photography

Calgary Fall Family Photography

Calgary Fall Family Photography

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As a photographer, I spend the entire months of October & November doing family portraits for everyone else. Today, I managed to wrangle up the family to do our photos.
Last year we tried to be a little creative, with the frame in frame shot (so glad I ditched the blonde hair since then!): 



The few years prior, we always just did the normal studio shots.




But this year, we decided to do a portrait that showed who we really are. This is what we came up with:


I love it! Below are some other shots we got today.


The ‘Using a Tripod has Some Cons’ shot (cut off the girl’s head):


The famous ‘Hilton Pose’ shot:  


The ‘Mom was Posing’ shot:



The ‘Black and White’ shot (this is the one that will be framed for the wall – but in color):



And, the ‘We Tried one with the Dog’ shot (even though the dog wasn’t looking and is cut off…I still like it):

It was first time we had all five of us in the new studio…and I’m a fan! We didn’t even have to use a backdrop (although I did have to airbrush an electrical plug out of some of them!)

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In the fall, most my business is family portraits…understandably. It seems that this time of year is ‘Headshot season’. I am getting tons of inquiries for headshots and professional portraits, so I thought I’d put all the info in a blog post!

Headshots are easy. If you come to the studio, it usually takes 15-20 minutes. I can have the images up on the blog within 24 hours, and when you chose them, I can email them right to you; often resulting in a 48 hour (or less) turnaround.

If you have an entire office or group of people that need professional portraits, I can come to you. In very little space (often a boardroom will work) I can set up my equipment and can tskr portrsitd for up to 50 people in less than 3 hours. Turnaround for larger groups is 5-7 days.

If less than 5 images are purchased, I email them to you immediately. For 6 or more images, you will receive a disk.

Prices for headshots can be seen here.

Calgary Headshots Photography

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I’ve come to the realization that if I was to post a blog post from all my sessions this fall, I would still be blogging them in April. So, they are all here, in one MEGA POST!

There’s a couple Portrait Parties in here, a lot of studio sessions, and even one outdoor one.

Thank you to all my 2011 clients. It was a very successful year for me, and I am very grateful that each and every one of you chose me to capture your families.

PS – Watch my Facebook Page for a huge special coming up later today!

Calgary Family Photographer

Calgary Family Photographer

Calgary Fall Family Photographer

Calgary Christmas Photographer

Calgary Portrait Party Photographer

Calgary Portrait Party Photographer

Calgary Portrait Party  Photographer

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