The Perfect Family Christmas Portrait

Posted on Dec 2, 2012

As a photographer, I spend the entire months of October & November doing family portraits for everyone else. Today, I managed to wrangle up the family to do our photos.
Last year we tried to be a little creative, with the frame in frame shot (so glad I ditched the blonde hair since then!): 



The few years prior, we always just did the normal studio shots.




But this year, we decided to do a portrait that showed who we really are. This is what we came up with:


I love it! Below are some other shots we got today.


The ‘Using a Tripod has Some Cons’ shot (cut off the girl’s head):


The famous ‘Hilton Pose’ shot:  


The ‘Mom was Posing’ shot:



The ‘Black and White’ shot (this is the one that will be framed for the wall – but in color):



And, the ‘We Tried one with the Dog’ shot (even though the dog wasn’t looking and is cut off…I still like it):

It was first time we had all five of us in the new studio…and I’m a fan! We didn’t even have to use a backdrop (although I did have to airbrush an electrical plug out of some of them!)


  1. I think your Christmas photo is the best one I’ve seen in a really long time! 😀

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