Thank you, Chaparral

Posted on Jun 26, 2013

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Two days ago, I received a phone call from a Dad (Jamie), who like me, was trying to find a way his kids could contribute/help the flood victims in our city, and province. All the requests for volunteers were for people 18 and over, and we were told not to drive if we didn’t have to.
Up until then, my girls had been out every day walking dogs for money. An idea they came up with all by themselves. (And have raised $40 doing!)

Jamie had an idea. I had been posting on Facebook about how sad my girls were to have missed the Talent Show at school when it was cancelled because of the State of Emergency our city was under. He suggested I call over to our Community Centre and see if we could host it there.

48 hours later, that’s exactly what we did. With Jamie’s (and his kid’s) help, among a bunch of others, we hosted a Talent Show for our school, Chaparral Elementary, and the other community Elementary School, St. Sebastian. All in, we had 56 acts! Dancers, Gymnasts, Pianists delighted and entertained the community for 2.5 hours. We also had a (MASSIVE) bake sale and a raffle for door prizes, all of which were donated by people in our community.

When the money was all counted, we raised about $2500 (including the dog walking money!). I’ll post the final number when I pass it over to the Red Cross.

So thank you Chaparral. Thanks for coming out. Thanks for donating your baking, prizes and time.


Special thank-you’s go to:

My awesome MC’s, Zach and Aiden.
Leen & Kathryn Kranenburg for donating and running all the sound equipment & organizing the performers.
Caroline Minnings for getting us mats for the gymnasts.
All the ladies that helped run the Bake Sale, Donation Table and sell Raffle Tickets (and for BUYING the raffle tickets!).
Mac’s for the free Slurpee certificates.
Annemarie Young – my neighbour & owner of the Pet Planets in Walden and Millrise – who kept bringing me donations, and hooked me up with Tim Hortons and more baking!
And Nancy at the Lake – who kept saying “Yes!” to everything I asked.

And now…the final raffle ticket numbers:
The HUGE Pet Planet basket from Annemarie Young was won by ticket number 849600
The Scentsy Gift Collection was won by ticket number 849459
And a Bath & Body Works gift was won by ticket number 849589
(The rest of the winners were still in attendance at the end – and a huge thank you to those who stuck it out until the end!)
Email me to come pick up your prize!

I also have all the CD’s left at the Talent Show. I will hold on to them until Tuesday.


  1. Shannon, what a great opportunity for the kids to come together to do something to support Calgary and the flood relief and to showcase their many talents at the same time! We really appreciate all you did, and at the end of this fantastic event, I don’t believe you were officially thanked! You gave our disappointed kids the opportunity to perform the fabulous acts they had been rehearsing, and graciously extended the opportunity to our neighbor school in Chaparral to create a truly community event! So, thank you for working so hard over the past two days to make this happen. What took place today was incredible and a true testament to the spirit in this city and community!

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  2. You did an awesome job organizing this event in such a short time span. Props to you…if I could post a picture of the signature Hilton pose I would! It is well earned.

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  3. You and everyone involved had a great idea and did a fantastic job in such a short time.
    You should all feel very proud!

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  4. Thanks so much for organizing this, my daughter Emerson was sooo happy to be there and had so much fun, glad the kids could feel like a part of something good! I know I’ve never met you but you rock!

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    • We are Canadians living in Dubai and we just want you all to know that we think what you did was awesome! Your day has gone global and we are cheering you on!!!

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  5. Honestly, I am so impressed with you. You are great parents and obviously generous with you time and talents Shannon. Just another moment when I point and say ‘ I’m friends with this one ‘ good job.

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