What we did on our Summer Vacay

Posted on Aug 26, 2013

Most summers, we spend almost every weekend at Sylvan Lake at our family cabin. This year, we decided to head out to the West Coast, and we rented a house on Salt Spring Island. It had been 10 years since Mike and I had been out to the coast, and the first time on Salt Spring for both of us.

The house we rented was AMAZING. Way more room than we needed, a hot tub and 2 bedrooms that overlooked the ocean, an old claw foot bathtub…and wifi. What else does a girl need?!?! It was the kind of vacation that nothing could ever compare to, so we’ll probably spend forever trying, or just rent the same place again. Although I wasn’t a fan of the drive (especially the Coquihalla at night…in the rain…as the passenger) and I’m not sure it will be an every year kind of vacation. Unless we fly.

Here’s some pics!


2013-08-06_0014BC or Bust! So grateful Charlie is an awesome traveller!


2013-08-06_0006My little Camera Camp grad – she’s quite the little Photog. We spent a day in Vancouver on the way there, and visited Stanley park, the Aquarium & Granville Island.


2013-08-06_0015The kids & I on the Ferry, and the kids & I with RAFFI! We were on the Island for 10 minutes before I met RAFFI! I introduced myself as a Beluga Grad. #Nerd #HugeNerd


2013-08-06_0016The views from the house. Ahhhhh-mazing!

2013-08-06_0007More of the house.

2013-08-06_0017We did a huge hike up Mt. Erskine. Oh, and we don’t hike, so this was a HUGE feat. The view form the top was spectacular.



2013-08-06_0019Mike caught a fish on his first cast into the Ocean. #sizedoesntmatter
Abby’s holding a Sunflower Star Fish, that was found right in front of the house.


2013-08-06_0010The amount of Star Fish right on our shore was incredible. Charlie was quite the little Star Fish Farmer!


2013-08-06_0020Salt Spring has these awesome painted pianos everywhere. The kids loved it.




2013-08-06_0012Charlie catching crabs in his ‘Crabby’ shirt. He’d call the bigger ones ‘Pinchers’, but pronounced it like ‘Pincers’. He’d yell up from the beach, “I got a PINCER here!”

2013-08-06_0021A pic from the pool in Kamloops where we spent a night on the way home, and some pics from Moraine Lake where we did the tourist thing when we needed to stretch our legs.


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